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Welding System - EN 15085 and EN 3834 Certification Consultancy

In quality terms, welding is identified as a 'Special Process' in the manufacture of railway vehicles and their components similarly for other products also. But the most important is for the railway and become popular as well as manufacturer's engaged in the railway are demanding for such requirements as an assurance to the welding process. The requirements for this process are described in the standards series EN ISO 3834. This scheme sets the requirements, processes and procedures for assessment of manufacturers of railway vehicles and their components by welding for compliance with and certification in accordance with BS EN 15085-2. The focus areas are as below;

Certified Welding Engineer is one of the requirements for the Organization. As all the system and processes defined in the standard talks about to review and updated by Certified Welding Engineer. Also the WPS and PQR must be in line with the relevant EN standards.