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ISO 18788 Consultant for Private Security Operations Management System

ISO 18788 certification is now desirable for any type of organization conducting or contracting security operations. Protecting both tangible and intangible assets is a critical task for the viability, profitability and sustainability of any type of organization. It requires a combination of strategic thinking, problem solving, process management and the ability to implement programs and initiatives to correspond with the context of the organization's operations and their risks. ISO 18788 specifies requirements and provides guidance for organizations conducting or contracting security operations. It provides a business and risk management framework for the effective conduct of security operations. Though ISO 18788 is applicable to any organization conducting or contracting security operations, it is specifically applicable to organizations operating in circumstances where law and order and security is a cause of concern due to any human or naturally caused events.

The purpose of this standard is to improve and demonstrate consistent and predictable security operations maintaining the safety and security of their clients within a framework that aims to ensure respect for human rights, national and international laws, and fundamental freedoms. ISO 18788 private security operations management system can be easily integrated with other management systems within an organization, such as ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system, etc. As ISO 18788 :2015 was last reviewed and confirmed by ISO in 2021, therefore certification is still being issued as per this version.

ISO 18788:2015 Certification

ISO 18788: 2015 Certification is issued by an ISO/IEC 17021-1 accredited Certification body, which is competent to provide such a certificate. The ISO 18788 certificate for private security operations management system of an organization conducting or contracting security operations is issued by the Certification body initially for a period of three years after successful completion of pre-assessment and registration (Final) assessment. Surveillance audits are conducted by the Certification body within the period of three years at the interval of six months, nine months or twelve months depending upon the nature and size of the organization. Upon completion of three years, renewal audit is conducted for the new cycle of three years and upon successful completion of such audit, ISO 18788 certificate is re-issued for further three years.