Calibration Laboratory set-up project consultancy

Calibration is an important aspect of maintaining the traceability of measurement. Calibration establishes the confidence in the use of equipment and ensure quality of products measured by calibrated equipment. Calibration needs with unbroken chain to establish the measurement traceability. It means the reference standard or master equipment used in the calibration of equipment under calibration must be calibrated from ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory and must be valid at the time of measurement / calibration, and this should be so on till the last equipment in the chain, which is maintained by National Physical Laboratory.

Calibration means matching the standard value of the instrument to the master (True) Instrument value. Calibration in measurement technology and metrology is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy.

Calibration is performed mainly in disciplines, as detailed out below;

  • Mechanical disciplines cover all types of mechanical measurement such as dimensional calibration, pressure calibration, force calibration, torque calibration, hardness calibration, mass and weighing balance calibration, density, viscosity etc.,
  • Electro-technical or electrical discipline covers the source and measure of electrical parameters, such as volt, current, resistance, frequency, impendence, inductance, capacitance including electrical simulation for the temperature etc.
  • Thermal (Called as specific heat and humidity) discipline covers the temperature and humidity.
  • Fluid flow discipline covers the flow calibration of liquid and gases.

The main reasons for calibration are to ensure the reliability of the instrument, that it can be trusted. To determine the accuracy of the instrument and to ensure the readings are consistent with other measurements. We provide full guidance to the present lab as well as potential lab for establishment of calibration lab set-up as per the steps given below;

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is done by recognized accredited certification body. ISO 9001 certification includes implementation of quality management system within the organization, ISO awareness as well as internal auditor training and documentation for QMS certification. An ISO 9001:2015 certificate is not a once-and-for-all award, but must be renewed at regular intervals recommended by the certification body, usually at intervals of around three years. The ISO 9001 certificate is issued for a period of three years after successful completion of pre-assessment and registration (final) assessment. Surveillance audits are conducted by the certification body within the period of three years at the intervals of six months, nine months or twelve months, depending on the nature and size of the organization.

Our Strength for Quality Management System Consultancy

  • We have a team of highly- experienced ISO consultant and globally certified lead auditors for Consulting Services
  • Our team is having graduate/master degree of Engineering/management having more than 15+ years of experience in management system implementation for clients.
  • Our consultants provide handholding support to clients in development and implementation of policies, plans, controls, documentation and record-keeping as well.
  • 1000+ Quality Management System implementation in various industries in 15+ countries.
  • Implemented 7000+ Man-days QMS projects successfully
  • We follow the latest standard industry best practices for QMS implementation
  • 200+ Editable documents for various management systems have been sold to our global clients
  • 1000+ personnel of clients and other individuals trained by our ISO 9001 consultants for awareness, system implementation and auditor training through online/class room.
  • Our QMS consultants work with more than 50 leading International & National Certification Bodies such as BV; BSI; TUV; DNV; SGS; Lloyds; ISOQAR; NABL; IAS; UKAS, etc.
  • Our clients had got benefits of continuous improvements and business excellence with use of our practical approach in consultancy projects.
  • In our ready to use QMS documentation package we provide 150+ editable sample document templates with more than 400 pages.

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