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ISO 29993 Certification Consultancy for Learning Services Outside Formal Education

ISO 29993 Certification is today one of the most desirable certifications for the providers of learning services outside formal education, including all types of life-long learning. It covers vocational training and in-company training, either outsourced or in-house. ISO 29993:2017 is a service standard that specifies a set of minimum requirements for learning services outside formal education. Hence, ISO 29993:2017 Certification improves the quality of learning services as well as its transparency and credibility in the market, because the service provider has to fulfil the minimum requirements for internationally agreed levels of quality learning services. ISO 29993:2017 certification also promotes the understanding and awareness of learners and/or sponsors as to the quality, sequence, and outputs of learning services (outside formal education) and their informed decision on the purchase of such services. ISO 29993:2017 is not for schools, colleges and universities providing learning services as part of a formal education system, but they can also get benefited from its implementation, where practical. it can be useful to them as a tool for reflection and self-evaluation.

Our ISO 29993 consultants will help the providers of learning services outside formal education in implementing ISO 29993:2017 and achieving ISO 29993 certification at a minimum cost and time.

ISO 29993:2017 Certification

ISO 29993:2017 Certificate is issued by an ISO/IEC 17021-1 accredited Certification body, which is competent to provide such a certificate. ISO 29993:2017 certification is not a once-and-for-all award but must be renewed at regular intervals recommended by the certification body. The ISO 29993 certificate is issued by the Certification body initially for a period of three years after successful completion of pre-assessment and registration (Final) assessment. Surveillance audits are conducted by the Certification body within the period of three years at the interval of six months, nine months or twelve months depending upon the nature and size of the organization. Upon completion of three years, renewal audit is conducted for the new cycle of three years and upon successful completion of such audit, ISO 18788 certificate is re-issued for further three years. Our ISO 29993 consultants are always ready to sail you through the ISO 29993:2017 Certification process.

Our Strength for Quality Management System Consultancy

  • We have a team of highly- experienced ISO consultant and globally certified lead auditors for Consulting Services
  • Our team is having graduate/master degree of Engineering/management having more than 15+ years of experience in management system implementation for clients.
  • Our consultants provide handholding support to clients in development and implementation of policies, plans, controls, documentation and record-keeping as well.
  • 1000+ Quality Management System implementation in various industries in 15+ countries.
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  • We follow the latest standard industry best practices for QMS implementation
  • 200+ Editable documents for various management systems have been sold to our global clients
  • 1000+ personnel of clients and other individuals trained by our consultants for awareness, system implementation and auditor training through online/class room.
  • Our QMS consultants work with more than 50 leading International & National Certification Bodies such as BV; BSI; TUV; DNV; SGS; Lloyds; ISOQAR; NABL; IAS; UKAS, etc.
  • Our clients had got benefits of continuous improvements and business excellence with use of our practical approach in consultancy projects.
  • In our ready to use QMS documentation package we provide 150+ editable sample document templates with more than 400 pages.