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ECOPASSPORT - ZDHC Certification Consultancy in India

ZDHC Consultant at Punyam.com help organizations in chemical, textile, apparel and footwear industries, and other industries where chemicals are used, to get ZDHC Certification in a time and cost-effective way. Punyam’s team of ZDHC consultants offers active support to organizations in the development and implementation of a ZDHC Chemical Management System and ZDHC Certification in accordance with the ZDHC Certification requirements.

ZDHC certification is for sustainable chemical management mainly within the fashion industry which includes textile, apparel and footwear industries. ZDHC stands for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals. ZDHC is a multi-stakeholder organisation comprising over 320 signatories from across the industry including Brands, Suppliers, Solution Providers and Chemical Suppliers. The ZDHC Gateway is a tool used by chemical formulators, brands, and suppliers to support and help simplify the management of hazardous chemicals and the search for suitable alternatives. The Roadmap to Zero Programme, by ZDHC, leads the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals from its global supply chain by building the foundation for more sustainable manufacturing to protect workers, consumers and our planet’s ecosystems. The different stakeholders in the supply chain considered for the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS) Framework are the chemical industry, brands, suppliers, facilities and others. Each of the stakeholders contributes to the success of implementing all pieces within a CMS.

The ZDHC Foundation’s ECO PASSPORT Programme and ToxServices Full Materials Disclosure Programme are the first accepted certification standards, which are indicators of chemical formulations conforming to ZDHC’s Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).

The ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) is a list of chemical substances banned from intentional use in textile, leather and footwear manufacturing (except metallic trims). Using chemical formulations that meet the requirements of (conform to) ZDHC MRSL allows suppliers to assure both their customers, and themselves, that banned chemical substances are not intentionally used during production and manufacturing processes.

Chemical Products with the ECO PASSPORT certification and ToxServices Full Materials Disclosure Programme are listed on ZDHC Gateway’s Chemical Module as Level 1 conformers to ZDHC’s MRSL Conformance Guidance.

The ZDHC MRSL conformance Levels range from 0 to 3. Higher conformance levels reflect a higher confidence that a chemical product meets the ZDHC MRSL conformance levels, and therefore a lower probability of any ZDHC MRSL substances being present in the certified chemical product.