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GMP+ B1 Certification Consultancy

Our GMP+ B1 Consultant will provide you total support to achieve Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP+B1 certification, in accordance with the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme requirements, in a quick, efficient and cost saving way. If you are in the feed supply chain, you can achieve GMP+B1 Certification with the help of our highly experienced team of GMP+ B1 Consultants.

GMP+B1 Certification

GMP+B1Certification is a Good manufacturing practice certification for feed industries. Companies involved in production/processing/ trade/ storage and/or transhipment of feed can go for this certification. Organisations, irrespective of their type or size, which carry out activities which are covered within the scope of GMP+ Feed Certification scheme can implement it and achieve certification. It is not important whether a company carries out these activities on its own account or as a (sub)contractor (‘service provider’). GMP+B1 certification is easier for organizations which have implemented the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 standard or any other GMP+ standard as GMP+B1 standard is easy to combine with all these standards. GMP+ B3 certification ensures that feed quality and safety is consistent and controlled in the feed supply chain according to feed safety and quality standards as well as good manufacturing practices.