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ISO System Maintenance - Internal Audit - Customer Auditing

Why People Prefer Our ISO Maintenance Activity?

1 .Our services are need-based as well as economical. Our team visits to client’s place, once in a month or before surveillance audit, at competitive rate.

2. Our experts suggest latest tools as well as updates on global developments on ISO.

3. Highly experienced and qualified consultants provide such services.

4. Our past record of more than 25 successful years in the field of ISO awareness, training, documentation, audit, certification and maintenance activities gives confidence to clients for smooth and hassle-free certification and maintenance.

5. We provide the best resources available in the field of ISO. Our big and efficient team of consultants and use of software make the life easy for our clients. Our team is highly focused and creates vibrant work culture in organizations.

ISO Maintenance Activity

During implementation of standards and auditing of many companies, globally we have come across many clients who are interested in outsourcing ISO activities to external ISO service providers like us. Due to high turnover of employees as well as high labor cost, the companies prefer to outsource the entire ISO system and auditing activities to us, and we readily provide them total solution for their routine ISO maintenance activity, certifying body audits as well as customer audit.

Under our ISO Maintenance Activity we provide services as listed below:

  1. Customer audit or third-party approval
  2. Routine consultancy for successful ISO surveillance/ recertification audit
  3. Annual contract and monthly visit
  4. Internal audits