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ISO/IEC 27037 Consultancy

ISO/IEC 27037 consultants at Punyam.com help individuals and organizations involved in handling of digital evidence to implement ISO/IEC 27037 and get ISO/IEC 27000 series certification in a time and cost-effective way. Punyam’s team of ISO/IEC 27037 consultants offers active support to digital forensic labs and similar organizations that deal with digital evidence in the development and implementation of a management system and processes in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27037: 2012 guidelines.

ISO/IEC 27037:2012 is an international standard that provides guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence. The guidelines are for individuals responsible for the identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of potential digital evidence. These individuals include Digital Evidence First Responders (DEFRs), Digital Evidence Specialists (DESs), incident response specialists and forensic laboratory managers. ISO/IEC 27037 provides practical and universal ways to manage potential digital evidence. ISO/IEC 27037 guidelines are vital for investigation involving digital devices and digital evidence.

This International Standard complements ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002, and in particular the control requirements concerning potential digital evidence acquisition by providing additional implementation guidance. ISO/IEC 27037 can also be applied in contexts independent of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002. ISO/IEC 27037:2012 standard was last reviewed and confirmed by ISO in 2018 and currently this is the valid edition

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