NABH certification consultant for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

NABH - National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers is a constitute board of Quality Council of India (QCI) set to establish and operate accreditation program for heath organizations and hospitals.

  • NABH is an institutional member as well as a board member of the International Society for Quality in HealthCare (lSQua).
  • NABH is a member of the Accreditation Council of International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).
  • NABH is on board of Asian Society for Quality in Health Care (ASQua).

Under NABH, following Accreditation Programs are going on:

  • Hospitals
  • Small Healthcare Organisations
  • Blood Banks / Blood storage centers
  • Allopathic Clinics
  • AYUSH Hospitals (Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Yoga Naturopathy)
  • Dental Facilities
  • Medical Imaging Services
  • Medical Laboratory Program
  • OST Centre(Oral substitution therapy)
  • PHC/CHC Accreditation(primary health centers/community health centers)
  • Wellness Centres
  • Panchkarma
  • Eye Care organization

Under NABH, following Certification are going on:

  • Entry level Hospitals
  • Entry level for SHCO
  • Entry level for AYUSH Clinic
  • Entry level for AYUSH Hospitals

NABH Certification Consultancy is involved in accreditation and certification since 1995. We have expertise in the field of NABH accreditation certification consultancy. Many leading hospitals have achieved NABH accreditation under Punyam's project management.

Steps of NABH Accreditation Consultancy by

As a leading NABH Accreditation and Certification Consultancy Company, Punyam develops the system for its customers in the following steps:

  • Micro-level survey of the existing system and detailed gap analysis for the hospital
  • Conduct awareness program (top + middle + bottom level).
  • Form a steering committee and task force for documentation
  • Identify and define process approach
  • Define accreditation policy and establish objectives
  • Prepare documents of quality management system, patient care, hygiene control and infection control, as well as handbooks.
  • Implementation and training of all personnel in the use of procedures and formats.
  • Self-assessment of the system
  • Train internal auditors.
  • Assess the system through first internal audit.
  • Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  • Carry out management review meeting
  • Apply for NABH accreditation.
  • Avail pre-certification audit of NABH.
  • Take actions on suggestions given by NABH auditors.
  • Final audit by NABH auditors.
  • Submit the corrective actions for the findings of NABH final audit of the assessors.
  • Get accredited by NABH

Benefits of NABH Accreditation

Following are the key benefits that organization can achieve with implementation of NABH accreditation system in any hospital or healthcare unit.

  • Patients are benefited with accreditation most.
  • Accreditation results in high quality of care and patient safety. The patients get services by credential medical staff.
  • Rights of patients are respected and protected.
  • Patient satisfaction can be evaluated.
  • The staff is satisfied a lot, as it provides for continuous learning.
  • Accreditation to a healthcare organization stimulates continuous improvement.
  • It enables the organization in demonstrating commitment to quality care.
  • It also provides opportunity to healthcare units to benchmark with the best.
  • Accreditation provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.

NABH Accreditation Requirements

Following are the general and technical NABH accreditation requirements that any organization must follow while implementation of NABH system to achieve best results and quick NABH certification:

  • Access, Assessment and continuity of care (AAC)
  • Patient Right and Education (PRE).
  • Care of Patients (COP).
  • Management of Medication (MOM).
  • Hospital Infection Control (HIC).
  • Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
  • Responsibility of Management (ROM).
  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS).
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Information Management System (IMS).

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