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RC14001 is a technical standard that combines ISO 14001 with the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) requirements to achieve higher standards of performance and create greater value. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has created the RC14001 standard for organizations, wants to attain ISO 14001 certification while at the same time meeting the organization's Responsible Care Management System or (RCMS) requirements. For this certification, the company must be member for chemical association.

Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) is an integrated health, safety, security. and environmental management system based on the principles of Responsible Care. The Policy is to -Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement cycle.

RC 14001 is a Chemical Responsible Care Management System that broadens the scope of the ISO 14001 Standard beyond the traditional Environmental Management System to include health and safety, security, transportation, outreach, emergency response and other Responsible Care requirements. The RC14001 Technical Standard specification tracks closely with the elements of ISO 14001.

The Key Concepts of RC 14001

  1. Conserve, reuse and recycle materials.
  2. Give preference to procurement of supplies made from recycled material, where financially feasible.
  3. Protect groundwater from contamination.
  4. Establish a chemical management program.
  5. Reduce need for off-site transport, disposal and treatment of hazardous waste.
  6. Ensure that required training is completed and documented.
  7. Obtain and comply with environmental, health, safety and security permits.
  8. Maintain records to track performance.
  9. Establish and implement environmental, health, safety and security program.
  10. Identify and control potential environmental, health, safety and security effects of products and processes.
  11. Maintain an active community relation program on environmental, health, safety and security matters.

Steps for RC 14001 Certification Consultancy by Global Manager Group - Global Manager Group, an RC 14001 Certification Consultancy company is having vast experience in the implementation of RC 14001 CERTIFICATION in chemical industries. The stages of consultancy are followed as under for the RC 14001 Certification of the client, who has taken our RC 14001 consultancy services. The stages followed as are as under:

  1. Micro-level survey for each and every department of the organization against the specific requirements of RC 14001.
  2. Preparation of applicable documents required by RC 14001 based on detail study of all activities of all department of companies, including environmental aspects, environmental impacts, risks etc. for each of the activities performed by organization with the focusing on Responsible care principles.
  3. Preparation register of rules and regulation and its compliance statement considering the applicability of local rules and regulations.
  4. Training to all levels of employees for RC 14001 and Responsible care requirements,
  5. Helps in effective implementation of system by periodic visit till assessment by Certifying body,
  6. Conduct internal audit to check readiness for the RC 14001 Certification.
  7. Conduct management review meeting in presence of Top Management to guide the Company for effective implementation.
  8. Help during periodic assessment by Certifying body.
  9. Help in closing of non-conformities issued during the assessment.

Advantages and Benefits for RC 14001 Certification

The benefits can be divided into seven key areas.

  1. Cost(The benefits include)
    • Avoidance of fines
    • Identifies possible areas which can save costs, such as recycling, landfill costs, utilities.
    • Spreads costs of installing RC 14001 and EMS, rather than having forced by legislation to install it immediately.
  2. Marketing
    • Use of competitive advantage
    • Improves public relations
    • Strengthens position on share market.
  3. Training
    • Improves environmental and responsible care awareness
    • Operators are educated on how process may cause environmental, health, safety and security liabilities
    • Reduces potential for environmental , health, safety and security incidence through contingency awareness.
  4. Public Perception
    • Implementation of RC 14001 and ISO 14001:2015 EMS Demonstrates concerns for the environment and responsible care
    • This system is Pro-active not reactive to legislation.
  5. Monitoring
    • RC 14001 and ISO 14001:2015 EMS Provides a structured framework for management of environmental and responsible care issues
    • Complements other quality standards
    • Makes better relation with regulatory and licensing authorizations.
  6. Management
    • Identifies harmful substances outside the process
    • Improves process operation
    • Enables identification of impacts to be made
    • Creates and builds detailed and relevant environmental, health, safety and security data.
  7. Others (The other significant benefit of RC 14001 and ISO 14001:2015 EMS is)
    • Positive response from investors, lenders, and insurers.

Technical Helps and RC 14001 Consultancy in Implementation:

  1. Review of product manufacturing data and providing input considering the environmental and responsible care issues,
  2. Establishment of facility to overcome the key environmental and responsible care issues,
  3. Helping in following major aspects;
    • Responsible care,
    • Air pollution,
    • Water pollution,
    • Land pollution,
    • Occupational health and safety
  4. Guiding in each and every process for effective implementation,

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