Management Consultancy - Six Sigma, Benchmarking, Kanban, Kaizen, 5S Lean Training Services offers management consultancy for business improvement strategies to grow your organization. We have taken more than 600 in-house and external training programs in many leading organizations on various management topics like Six Sigma, 5S Lean management, Benchmarking, Kanban, Kaizen, Strategic management, Statistical techniques, Waste reduction techniques, Total productive management (TPM), Performance improvement techniques, Marketing management, International marketing, Human resource management, and many more. We have helped small and big size business organizations in improving their knowledge and developing quality management system.

We associate with many leading organizations to achieve business excellence through the rational development and improvement of the business system. The in-depth knowledge and wide experience of our progressive management trainers and our innovative approach to ISO training, business process improvement, management system implementation and organizational development reflect in our broad array of services.

We have highly-experienced staff comprising engineering graduates and MBAs who have taken management training programs in productions, services sectors, government sectors, automation industries, as well as educational institutes. We are serving knowledge and information of various key management techniques to each level of employees, which improves overall performance of the organization.

Key Areas of Management Training and Consultancy

We offer following management training consultancy services for performance improvement of the organizations:

  • Six Sigma Certification
  • 5 S Lean Management
  • Benchmarking Consultancy
  • Marketing Management
  • Kanban Training
  • Kaizen Training and Consultancy
  • Total Productive System
  • Key Performance Improvement
  • Strategy Planning Consultancy
  • Statistical Management

Types of Management Consultancy Activities done by

We provide following types of support in management consultancy:

  • Provide ready-to-use training kits for management consultancy, including trainer's note and presentation kit, so that company can take up applicable activity as management project and create environment of vibrant work culture.
  • Carry out micro-level survey and mock checks as per applicable management concept and submit detailed report for benefits and improvements.
  • Provide training at all levels of employees. (Top management, staff and workers)
  • Deploy the management concept and support in implementation.
  • Final hand over of the project with project close-out and discussion of benefits and improvements.

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